Prospective consignors will need to submit their horse(s) for review through our website or email.

Please include the information below in your request.

Consignors- Name, Phone, and email
Horses- Breed, Registered Name, and a brief description of the horse and/or accomplishments.

You will then receive a phone call to discuss the horse with one of our sale team experts.

Horses will be approved by our team at 817 Horse Sales based on their quality, condition, breeding, training, and fit for the requested sale. You should receive an email confirmation of approval with 48hrs after the team has reviewed all the information.

Submit a Request For Approval


Sale Terms and Agreement (updated 3-22-24)


Listing Steps & Requirements

1- Complete the consignment form, agree to Terms and Conditions, then email it back to
mail your Original Registration Papers, Completed Transfer and Consignment fee of $500.00 (payable to 817 Equine Syndicate LLC) to:

817 Equine Syndicate LLC     Po Box 28 Poolville, TX 76487

Note: when mailing original paperwork it is always a good idea to send it with tracking.

2- Photos: The quality and professionalism of photos submitted for your horse will directly impact how your horse sells in an online sale.

                             Views Required:  Side confirmation shot (left and right)

                             Front & Back legs (Take on a hard, flat surface that show from the chest down and hip down. Tie tails out of the way if necessary)

Photographer List 

3- Videos: Videos will only be accepted as a YOUTUBE LINK. NOTE- Music will not play in the app. 

4- Height Measurement: An accurate measurement of the horse’s height is important to the buyer. Please measure with either stick or measuring tape.

5- Vet Form: A vet form is required for every consigned horse (within 45 days of the sale).

Click Here For Vet Form 

Click Here for Vet Form- Bred Mares/Recips

6- Coggins: A coggins is required for every consigned horse, and must be dated within 6 months of the sale day.

7- Radiographs: radiographs should be submitted to X-Rays should be dated no earlier than 45 days prior to sale date and include the horses registered name on the images.

Minimum Required Views (18 total):

Exceptions: Weanlings- X-Rays NOT Required
Yearlings- Required from July (of yearling year) or older

Front Fee: Lateral/60 DP/Navicular Skyline
Hocks: DP/DLPMO/Lateral/DMPLO
Stifles: CaLCrMO/CD_CR


A final statement will be sent out to the consignor upon the completion of the sale. All checks will be mailed (with tracking) directly to the consigner within 14 days of the sale, unless there has been a delay in payment clearing.

The buyer will receive a statement upon the completion of the sale with the information needed to submit their payment. Once payment is received the buyer will receive all of the contact information for the consigner to arrange pickup, and the consignor will receive notice that payment has been made and that their horse can be released to the buyer.

It is the buyer’s responsibility to arrange any transport for the purchased horse and they have 10 days to arrange pickup. Past 10 days it is between the consignor and buyer regarding any board charges for the purchased horse.

The consignor must have a copy of the coggins readily available for the buyer or transport person. Should a HEALTH CERTIFICATE be needed for the transport of the horse the buyer is financially responsible. However, the buyer may need help getting this arranged with a vet if they are not from the area.